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Results may vary from person to person.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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*Results may vary from person to person.

What are the differences between Sculpsure(R) and Coolsculpting(R)?


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BodyFx – 3rd Generation Body Sculpting = Tighter, more youthful acting and looking skin~*



Rid yourself of stubborn pockets of fat and cellulite while tightening your skin.*

BodyFx can reshape those troublesome areas – simultaneously treating cellulite, fat and loose skin.* No anesthesia, minimal discomfort, BodyFx delivers beautiful results and fat cell death – without surgery or incisions!*

Cellulite is caused by a loss of elasticity in the skin along with fibrous bands that has allowed pockets of fat to bulge under the surface of the skin. Gentle vacuum pressure stretches out connective tissue and maximizes treatment depth, improving overall results.* BodyFX use a combination of vacuum and radiofrequency energy to gently tighten skin and the fibrous attachments that result in cellulite.* BodyFx also uses short bursts of high voltage energy to disrupt the wall of the fat cell resulting in their eventual death.* This unique, FDA-cleared technology tightens and tones the skin, kills fat and reduces the bumpy look of cellulitic skin in the targeted treatment areas.* Safe, gentle and entirely different than competing technologies like Coolsculpting(R).* BodyFx is a series of treatments over a period of 6 to 8 weeks that work to deliver the improvement you are seeking.*


*Results may vary from person to person.

How does BodyFX compare to Coolsculpting?

Unlike Coolsculpting, which freezes fat cells, BodyFX causes apoptosis (cell death) by heating cells and disrupting their membrane, while stimulating collagen and melting away fat.* Like other generation 2 technologies, Coolsculpting is limited to fat reduction only and does not tighten or smooth the skin.* Coolsculpting treatments also tend to cause pain, swelling or tenderness at the treatment site for up to two weeks.* BodyFX, on the other hand, can be administered during a typical lunch hour and is not associated with any downtime.* Research studies on fat cells show that BodyFx treatments are able to increase collagen AND kill about 30% of treated fat compared to approximately 23% with Coolsculpting.*

What types of results can I expect with a BodyFX treatment?

Results vary from person to person; however, most patients can expect to lose approximately one to two cups of fat as well as circumferential reduction.* Results progress with each treatment, providing a gradual reduction of fat and improvement in appearance, texture and tone.* BodyFX works most effectively on small pockets of cellulite, loose skin and excess fat located on the flanks, thighs, buttocks, bra line and abdomen.* The average person will undergo one treatment per week for a period of 6 to 8 weeks.*

What should I expect during and after a BodyFX treatment?

BodyFX™ is a painless, non-surgical liposuction-like procedure that requires no topical or local anesthesia.* Dr. Abraham places the applicator over the area of unwanted fat and cellulite and the treatment is initiated. It takes approximately 30 minutes to treat an area of unwanted fat or cellulite (generally the size of two hands). Unwanted cellulitic areas that are treated effectively by the BodyFX™ include the back of the thighs, the buttocks, the anterior thighs and any other area of lumpy, bumpy irregular cottage cheese (cellulitic) skin.* Common areas treated include the lower & upper abdomen, hips, derriere, outer & inner thighs, inner knees and upper arms.



*Individual results may vary. Testimonials and images do not constitute a promise, guarantee or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

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