Many of you have asked about Platelet-rich plasma treatments (PRP). Which is the use of your body’s own blood to stimulate collagen, hair growth and other regenerative processes. We are excited to announce that we have added Platelet-rich Fibrin (PRF) – the next generation version of PRP to our treatment menu.

So how can PRF be of benefit to you?
The use of blood concentrates is becoming more and more popular in medical aesthetics. Patients like the idea of using their own cells instead of a synthetic alternative in their quest for a younger and fresher look.
PRF contains white blood cells, fibrin and a small amount of stem cells found circulating in our bloodstreams. These cellular components aid in our body’s natural healing process and skin rejuvenation. Specifically we recommend these treatments:
Microneedling with topical PRF
  • A series of three microneedling treatments with PRF add-on for $1,200
  • Includes a FREE Alastin Post-Procedure Skin Care Kit
  • Save $450
Microneedling with injected and topical PRF
  • Full-face collagen stimulation includes a microneedling treatment with PRF applied topically as well as injected for $800
  • Save $300

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These offers are valid only through the end of March 2019. All appointments include a personalized consultation.

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