An Invitation To Learn About SculpSure

This is the time of year many people start following through with their resolution to get in shape through diet and exercise. Often though, after hard work and dedication, achieving your desired body shape proves challenging.

Do you have a stubborn fat area that just won’t go away? If so, consider a body sculpting treatment to compliment your diet and workout regime. Over the last five years, technology advancements in non-invasive body sculpting have revolutionized the aesthetic medicine industry. There is a range of options available for you to make the right choice for your body and lifestyle.

On February 8 fom 6-8PM, we are having our annual SculpSure event. It’s a great opportunity to learn about SculpSure and why it might be an affective treatment for you. We’ll also be discussing the differences between SculpSure and other body contouring treatments.

“My primary reasons for recommending SculpSure is for safety and results, ” says Dr. Wendy Abraham. “My patients want a treatment that is non-surgical, and has no downtime so they can get on with their day after the treatment.”

SculpSure sessions take 25 minutes and results can be seen as early as six weeks after treatment, with optimal results peaking at twelve weeks.

“We take a comprehensive approach to address cellulite and skin tightening,” says Dr. Abraham. “All of my treatment plans are individualized. I want to make sure you understand your options, the risks and expected results.”

Come learn about SculpSure and have a fun night out. There will be a live SculpSure demo, raffles,  light bites and refreshments. Special event-only pricing for attendees only – up to 40% off SculpSure packages! Call 503-610-1194 to RSVP


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