Holistic Health and Weight Management Coaching

Holistic Health and Weight Management Coaching with Alyson

Weight management and nutrition goals are highly personal and may look very different for each person. You may have tried several different diets, exercise programs, lifestyle changes, or other weight loss programs and felt frustrated at a lack of progress or by not being able to sustain the results. Often these methods are ill-advised or “fad” diets that can lead you down a long road of roller coaster dieting, with very short-lived results. Our holistic health and weight management program takes a person-centered, whole health approach that considers stress, hormones, sleep, activity levels, environment, vocation, and all other lifestyle factors that affect our weight and intake of food.

Alyson’s philosophy is to empower patients with the knowledge and skills to improve their health through evidence-based behavior modification techniques, lifestyle education, and a team-based support system for long-term, easily sustainable results.

What To Expect When Working with Alyson

With Alyson by your side, you will journey deeper into health and wellness and not just focus on what the scale reads. Each program is customized to help you recognize the behaviors and triggers that may affect your food choices and will empower you with new eating strategies and tools. In order for us to be successful together, you should be open to the following:

Alyson’s Credentials

Alyson is a certified nutritionist, certified menopause coaching specialist, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Mental Health from Southern New Hampshire University and a Master’s degree in counseling with a focus on Integrated Recovery for Co-Occurring Disorders from Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies. She has completed two residencies at the Hazelden Betty Ford Center in Center City, MN.


We do not accept insurance at this time; however, your FSA or HSA may cover nutrition and wellness services. Please call the office at 503-610-1194 for more information.

Program Options

Accountability Partner- $29.99 per month


Healthy Habits- $129.99 per month


Medically-Assisted and Customized Program Options

6-12 session packages are available and are customized to meet individual needs. Starts at $600.

Medically-Assisted Programs- require the initial enrollment in a minimum of a 6-session behavior and nutrition program. Prescription costs vary depending on the medication type and dosage. Blood work and assessment are required prior to enrolling in any medically-assisted program. Medical or hormone testing is not included in any program and will be subject to additional costs. Medication may not be suitable for all clients and are not guaranteed. Medically-assisted programs start at $750

Comprehensive Emotional and Binge Eating Program- 12-15 weeks of holistic support w/ nutritional planning, lifestyle coaching, emotional regulation management, self-esteem and body image coaching, premium access to the MyNetDiary app. and all program materials. Starts at $1200

Above program options include 25% online supplement dispensary

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