Post-Summer Skincare

After the environmental onslaught that is summer, it is good to evaluate and change our skincare! In this video I give you my recommendations for changing your routine as well as some product choices that are favorites of mine for rescuing summer skin.

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For years, cellulite removal has been one of the top requested procedures for aesthetic doctors. Many women struggle with the unwanted appearance of cellulite. However, the pursuit of treating dimpled thighs, buttocks, and hips has proved challenging, even for the most active of women.

“Treating cellulite is complex,” says Dr. Abraham. “There are three components that need to be addressed simultaneously: dimpling, skin laxity, and fat pockets. There is no magic pill or treatment that will eliminate cellulite permanently, but there are non-invasive approaches to decrease the appearance of cellulite that can have long-lasting results.”

At Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine, we recommend a series of BodyFX treatments. BodyFX is a non-surgical, FDA-cleared treatment to reduce fat while improving texture and tone to cellulite-affected areas. It combines suction to address the dimpling, electrical pulsing to kill fat cells, and radio-frequency heat to tighten the skin. “We’ll tailor the treatment plan to address individual needs,” says Dr. Abraham. “Some patients require an emphasis on skin tightening versus fat destruction. While others have deeper dimples.”

When considering a cellulite treatment, it’s important to keep in mind that results are gradual. Some of the changes such as skin tightening are noticeable during the course of treatments. Dimpling and fat reduction may take 3-6 months to fully appreciate. “For optimal results, I make sure to address internal factors such as hydration, diet and hormones with my patients,” says Dr. Abraham.

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As a culture, we are living longer and healthier. Aging is a welcome honor many of us find pleasurable. For some though, age and the elements take a toll on our appearance. Facial wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin contribute to looking older than we want.

Collagen, a wondrous building-block protein that keeps our skin tight and taut slows production by our mid-20s. Yearly, we lose roughly 1% of collagen so that by the age of 50, we have lost 20-40%. Without collagen, the skin loosens, fine lines show and we begin to project a tired appearance.


Sculptra Aesthetic is an injectable poly-L lactic acid for the face that stimulates the collagen production process and increases facial volume and skin thickness. This improves the overall appearance of the face by decreasing wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Sculptra Aesthetic is typically injected over a few sessions spanning about 4 months based on individual need.


“The results are very natural looking and last two years or more. Sculptra Aesthetic is an excellent choice for people who want to address the underlying cause of facial aging,” says Dr. Abraham. “It’s different than any other filler on the market because it’s interacting with your skin’s chemistry to strengthen from the inside out.”

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Hyperpigmentation is darkening of the skin due to an increase in melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color. While most hyperpigmentation is not worrisome, it can be very bothersome because it creates uneven skin tone. Discolored patches typically occur on the face, neck, décolletage, arms, and hands. Just as there are numerous causes of hyperpigmentation , there are also varied treatments.

“With hyperpigmentation, prevention is forefront. The use of sunscreen as a daily regimen cannot be overemphasized” says Dr. Abraham. “At Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine, we take a comprehensive approach to treatment and reoccurrence prevention.”

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This is the time of year many people start following through with their resolution to get in shape through diet and exercise. Often though, after hard work and dedication, achieving your desired body shape proves challenging.

Do you have a stubborn fat area that just won’t go away? If so, consider a body sculpting treatment to compliment your diet and workout regime. Over the last five years, technology advancements in non-invasive body sculpting have revolutionized the aesthetic medicine industry. There is a range of options available for you to make the right choice for your body and lifestyle.

On February 8 fom 6-8PM, we are having our annual SculpSure event. It’s a great opportunity to learn about SculpSure and why it might be an affective treatment for you. We’ll also be discussing the differences between SculpSure and other body contouring treatments.

“My primary reasons for recommending SculpSure is for safety and results, ” says Dr. Wendy Abraham. “My patients want a treatment that is non-surgical, and has no downtime so they can get on with their day after the treatment.”

SculpSure sessions take 25 minutes and results can be seen as early as six weeks after treatment, with optimal results peaking at twelve weeks.

“We take a comprehensive approach to address cellulite and skin tightening,” says Dr. Abraham. “All of my treatment plans are individualized. I want to make sure you understand your options, the risks and expected results.”

Come learn about SculpSure and have a fun night out. There will be a live SculpSure demo, raffles,  light bites and refreshments. Special event-only pricing for attendees only – up to 40% off SculpSure packages! Call 503-610-1194 to RSVP


Happy New Year Everyone!

Even with proper diet and exercise, many of us have areas of stubborn fat which refuses to budge. Whether it’s a tummy pooch or love handles, localized fat can be frustrating when we want our bodies to look and feel their best – all the burpees and kale in the world are no match against some fat cells.

Today, science is on your side. With advances in technology, stubborn fat can be a distant memory. We offer multiple non-surgical procedures chosen carefully by Dr. Abraham, to look your best.

SculpSure® is a laser-based system which targets and damages fat cells without surgery. Treatments are 25 minutes and can destroy up to 24% of treated fat in problem areas such as abdomen, love handles and upper arms.

BodyFX™ reshapes trouble areas riddled with cellulite, fat and loose skin. Vacuum and radio-frequency energy tighten and tone the skin over a 6-8 week series of treatments. Results can vary, but most patients lose 1 – 2 cups of fat and see noticeable circumferential reduction in treated areas such as abdomen, flank, thighs, buttocks and bra-line.

Kybella® is the only FDA-approved injectable targeting fat cells around the chin. Injected subcutaneously, Kybella destroys fat permanently to diminish the look of a double-chin.

“When it comes to treating the skin and underlying fat, it often takes a multifaceted approach to give you the results you desire” says Dr. Abraham. “During your complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss a plan tailored just for you.”

We’ll be having a special event on February 8 from 6 – 8PM. We’ll be discussing SculpSure and why it may be a more effective body contouring treatment for you. There will be raffles throughout the evening and special pricing on select body contouring packages for all attendees. Call 503-610-1194 to RSVP

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